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Participant Statements

Participant Declaration of 2020 Yancheng International Marathon


Note: All participants shall read the Participant Declaration for the 2020 Yancheng International Marathon thoroughly and carefully before signing up for the Race. Upon submission of the sign-up form, you are deemed to have read, understood, and agreed to abide by the terms and conditions of the Rules and Regulations for the 2020 Yancheng International Marathon and Sign-up Notice for the 2020 Yancheng International Marathon, and have signed and submitted the disclaimer contained therein.

I, my guardian, administrator, legal representative, and any person who may file a claim or suit on behalf of me, make the following statements:

I voluntarily sign up for the 2020 Yancheng International Marathon and related activities (hereinafter referred to as "the Race").

I confirm that I fully understand and agree to abide by all regulations, rules, stipulations, and requirements set by and measures taken by the Organizing Committee and co-organizers (hereinafter referred to as "the Organizers").

I agree to provide the Organizers with authentic and valid ID information and documents for identity verification. I agree to bear all responsibility for any incidents arising from inaccurate ID information and documents.

I promise to sign up for and participate in the Race in my own name. I understand the Organizers' regulations that number bibs cannot be transferred to others. From the moment I receive the official number bib to the end of the Race, I will keep the number bib properly. If any third party uses the bib to access the course due to my failure to fulfill my obligations of keeping the bib properly, or I transfer or lend the bib to others without permission, or for other reasons, I shall be liable for any and all legal consequences and responsibilities arising therefrom.

If I fail to participate in the Race because of personal reasons, I have no right to request a refund of my sign-up fees from the Organizers, and I shall not transfer my number bib to others.

I have fully prepared for the Race, and I am willing to take a drug test in accordance with relevant regulations.

I agree to be insured by the Organizers against personal accidents, and I have understood and recognized related content of the insurance policy.

I fully understand the potential risks of my participation in the Race, and I have taken necessary precautionary measures. I am willing to assume responsibility for my own risks during the Race, and I will exempt the Organizers from any forms of compensation for personal accidents or any other forms of loss caused by no fault of the Organizers.

I agree to accept the on-site first-aid medical treatment (including AED treatment) provided by the Organizers during the Race, and I will bear the expense for hospital treatments and other items that exceed the scope of the insurance coverage.

I authorize the Organizers to use my name, portrait, voice, and other personal information for the organization and promotion of the Race free of charge.

I promise not to alter, copy, or mask the official number bib during the Race.

I will follow the guidance of referees, volunteers, security guards, and medical staff, and help maintain the order of the Race.

I will strictly follow the security and check-in rules. For the sake of the safety of others and myself, I will not bring any hazardous articles onto the course.

I will participate in the Race in a civilized manner. I will not urinate in public or litter anywhere, and I will help keep the course clean.

I will deposit my package at the time and area and in the way required in documents such as the Rules and Regulations for the 2020 Yancheng International Marathon. I will be liable for all losses caused by my failure to deposit my package as per the said requirements.

I, my guardian, administrator, and legal representative fully understand and agree to the above content, and ensure the authenticity of my identity/age. The document is signed by me, or my guardian, administrator, or my legal representative in person. A counterfeit signature shall be deemed as a breach. I, my guardian, administrator, legal representative, and the imposer shall assume all legal liabilities and the compensation liability arising therefrom.