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Enjoy running and show your vigour. Registration for the 2020 Yancheng International Marathon has st

Yancheng, an ecological paradise where you can open up your heart,


boasts vast Yellow Sea wetlands that joined the UNESCO's World Heritage List.


Its historical legacy passes down the Communist revolutionary memories among generations of local people.


On April 21, 2019,



over ten thousand people gathered in the “city of rivers and home of cranes and deer”


to participate in the first Yancheng International Marathon,


an event that made many fall in love with Yancheng.


On April 12, 2020,

Yancheng International Marathon 2020


will kick off.


On November 10,


sign-up for the event officially started.


Let’s get together in a fully upgraded Yancheng International Marathon,


to experience the profound connotation of the sea salt culture,


the unique charm of the “city of rivers”,


and the beautiful scenery of natural wetlands



Yancheng is blessed with abundant resources of land, sea and mudflats.


In July 2019,


the Migratory Bird Sanctuaries along the Coast of Yellow Sea-Bohai Gulf of China (Phase I)


were included in the UNESCO's World Heritage List,


becoming China’s first coastal wetland enlisted.



Yancheng International Marathon 2020


strives to build an ecological course with Yancheng’s characteristics.


The event will consist of a Full Marathon, a Half Marathon and a Mini Marathon.



The course will run past the Big Bronze Horse and through Ocean Bay Scenic Area,


Julong Lake Park, Yandu Park,


the Sea Salt Historic and Cultural Area, and other landmarks of Yancheng.


Run on the smooth and broad roads,


enjoying the fresh air,


and try to test your limits and explore your real potential.


This event will combine charity with environmental protection.


Plogging, representing the latest workout trend, will join the race.


Plogging runners


will be the last to set off.


They will jog while picking up litter in their way.


The event also invites charity runners


to support charity causes both online and offline,


in an effort to promote the ecological initiatives of Yancheng.




The marathon course


has recorded the passionate footsteps of numerous runners.


They find their rhythm in Yancheng,


a city of vitality, beauty and happiness.


Yancheng’s Dayang Bay Cherry Blossom Festival will be held during this event.


To allow more runners to feel the charm of Yancheng,



the Event Committee has set up a “Cherry Blossom Cheer Team”

and a “Crane and Deer Cheer Team”.


They will cheer on runners along the way.





Yancheng also boasts rich cultural heritage and a legacy of the Communist Revolutionary Movement.


The course will connect the city’s landmarks,


passing the Big Bronze Horse, the Sea Salt Historic and Culture Area,


China Sea-salt Museum, and other historical and cultural sites.


It will guide runners through Yancheng’s century-old history,


and the emotions and memories of generations of Yancheng people,

showing them the cultural spirit and spiritual qualities of the city.

April 12, 2020


will see the grand opening


of a green, dynamic and culturally-loaded event,


Yancheng International Marathon 2020!


Sign-up method:

Customer service:


Tel: 13952034749 (Ms. Shi)





Let’s run in Yancheng!


Let’s keep pace with the city's dynamic spirit


and challenge ourselves!


Unleash our power


and run to the rhythm of Yancheng!