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Strive for Success at Yancheng International Marathon - Launch Ceremony & Business Exchange Meeting

On November 23, the launch ceremony & business exchange meeting for Yancheng International Marathon 2020 was successfully held at Yancheng Digital Intelligence Innovation Park. Tang Dongqing, Head of the Yancheng Sports Bureau, Zhang Chengzhong, General Manager of Yancheng State-owned Assets Investment Group and Yancheng State-owned Energy Investment Co., Ltd., Xiao Lenong, Deputy Mayor of Yandu District People's Government, Zhou Zhixun, Deputy Mayor of Tinghu District People's Government, Pan Yinghua, Member of the CPC Working Committee of Southern Yancheng High-tech Industrial Development Zone and Deputy Head of the Management Committee of the Development Zone, Du Mingdong, Deputy Head of the Yancheng Sports Bureau, Zhang Jinzhi, Associate Consultant at the Yancheng Administration for Market Regulation, Huang Wei, Deputy General Manager of Yancheng CCI. Group, Wang Wenfa, Deputy General Manager of Yancheng Traffic Holding Group Co., Ltd., Wang Liping, Chairman of the Labor Union and Head of the Strategic Planning Department of Dongfeng Yueda Kia, Liang Zequan, Secretary of the CPC Committee and Chairman of Jiangsu Renhe Zhongheng Consultation Co., Ltd., as well as heads of dozens of other companies and media representatives attended the forum.

Jointly organized by the Chinese Athletics Association (CAA), the Jiangsu Provincial Sports Administration, and the Yancheng Municipal Government, undertaken by the Jiangsu Athletics Association and the Yancheng Sports Bureau and operated by Imohoo Information Technology Co., Ltd., Yancheng International Marathon 2020 will kick off at the Yancheng Chengnan Sports Center Stadium at 7:30 a.m. on April 12, 2020. The race will consist of three events, a full marathon (42.195 km), a half marathon (21.0975 km), and a mini marathon (5 km). The total number of participants will be 15,000, including 4,000 participants for the full marathon, 6,000 for the half marathon, and 5,000 for the mini marathon. The sign-up channels, which opened on November 10, include the official website and the WeChat Official Account of the marathon.

Yancheng International Marathon to See Multiple Highlights in Ecology, Vitality and Culture

Based on the success of the first Yancheng International Marathon, organizers of the 2020 edition have stepped up efforts in the design of courses, display of city features and improvement of diversified experience, so as to showcase the green ecology, vitality and inclusive culture of Yancheng. The Yellow Sea Wetland in Yancheng was added to the UNESCO's World Heritage List in July 2019, presenting the natural heritage of the city to the world. Organizers of Yancheng International Marathon 2020 are also dedicated to launching characteristic ecological tracks and fully upgrading the race route. The course will pass through a number of landmarks of Yancheng, including the New Fourth Army Memorial Hall, Ocean Bay Scenic Area, Julong Lake Park, Yandu Park and the Sea Salt Historic and Cultural Preservation Zone, connecting the charming cultural and ecological attractions of the city. Runners will be able to experience the emotions and memories of generations of local people as they run by the historical attractions and cultural legacies of the Communist Revolutionary Movement in the 1,000-year-old city. They will be running on the smooth broad course in fresh air.

As the latest workout trend, a plogging event will also join the race to deliver a combination of public welfare and environmental protection. Plogging runners will be the last to set off and pick up litter along the way. In addition, the event opens the registration for charity runners for the promotion of charity both online and offline, so as to support Yancheng’s ecological construction. The organizers will award prizes to the top eight participants of both the men's and women's races in Full Marathon and the top three participants of the men’s and women’s races in Half Marathon. There will be special prizes for Chinese participants, record setters and Yancheng runners. To foster the sense of honor and belonging among team members, special prizes will be set for the top 10 runner groups. Runners will be able to experience the vitality, beauty and happiness of the city during the race.

Keep Upgrading Services to Present the Most Considerate Yancheng International Marathon

The service system of Yancheng International Marathon 2020 will be fully upgraded based on its predecessor. A sounder volunteer recruitment and training system will be set up to recruit more passionate and responsible volunteers to provide runners with more professional and more considerate services. In the future, the volunteer service system of Yancheng International Marathon will be applied to all other voluntary activities in Yancheng.

   The security system of the event has been further improved. The organizers have built more pedestrian and vehicle passageways in the competition area and made sound and detailed plans for traveling, as part of the effort to reduce the event's impact on traffic and fully ensure the security of the marathon.

   Many Grade-A Tertiary hospitals will open a green channel for the marathon to ensure first aids for the participants. In the meanwhile, the Event Committee will continue to recruit professional emergency rescue teams and train professional medical volunteers to safeguard all runners.

   The Event Committee will join hands with a professional rehabilitation institution to provide adequate pre-competition training, post-competition stretching and foot bath services for runners from all over the world, so as to bring the most enjoyable race experience to them. It will also collaborate with international organizations through FTA and recruit volunteers to provide multi-language services. The official website of Yancheng International Marathon will offer content in four languages, namely Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean, and services in eight languages will be available during the event.

Renowned Companies Support Brand Building for Yancheng International Marathon

The success of a marathon lies in not only the active participation of runners, but also in the support from companies and society. Attendees of the business exchange meeting looked back on the 2019 Dayang Bay Yancheng Marathon. The Event Committee held a plaque awarding ceremony as a token of gratitude for the outstanding contributions of the event sponsors. In addition, the meeting included a high-tech experience session as a new way to explore the charm of Yancheng International Marathon. Officials of the Event Committee held talks on investment with companies during the meeting, which received active responses from the companies. Wang Liping, Chairman of the Labor Union and Head of the Strategic Planning Department of Dongfeng Yueda Kia, and Zhao Zhigang, Manager of the Business Department of CPIC, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Yancheng Sports Bureau on the partnership in Yancheng International Marathon, which opened a new chapter for their cooperation and made Yancheng International Marathon a major brand of Yancheng. Reportedly, a host of official campaigns will kick off in parallel with Yancheng International Marathon 2020, which will provide partners with more marketing channels and opportunities, further improving the event’s business value and influence.

Partner companies can enjoy the resources of the event and benefit from the event's influence, extent of participation and media attention. The launch ceremony & business exchange meeting for Yancheng International Marathon 2020 opens up practical business opportunities the real economy. The event will unfold a vivid panorama of Yancheng. Let’s wish success to the Yancheng International Marathon 2020!